YouTube channels producing music dedicated to God

All of us have gone through sorrow at some point in our lives and have longed for God to hear our prayers and take us out of the troubled situation.

In the moments of sorrow, we gain maturity and grow as individuals.

During this process, we try to gain an understanding of God.

Many of us also become philosophers in our own way.

Why do people suffer? Why do people lose their loved ones? Why do things like betrayal and other tragedies happen?

Believers in Christ also gain an understanding that, ultimately, Christ also had to suffer a lot and was even betrayed.

Indeed, this world is a whole of good and bad contrasts, like light and darkness.

I have been deeply moved by five YouTube channels devoted to Godly music in my journey to this realization.

They are:

  1. Hans Zimmer
  2. Two Steps from Hell
  3. Efisio Cross
  4. Ursine Vulpine
  5. Audiomachine

These channels compose music soothing to the ears and deeply move the listeners. I have pondered so much about life listening to songs produced by these five channels.

All these channels have one thing in common: They invoke God, especially by using the violin.

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Jamie Larson