Why scams happen in India and the solution

India is ripe with scams.

From the grassroots level to the upper echelons, dishonesty is highly prevalent.

Many people have started questioning whether dealing dishonestly is a cultural trait in India.

In my experience, people want to earn millions of dollars in India and, to this day, want to achieve anyhow.

They don't care about repercussions simply because they know that the justice system in India is lax.

Most people in India are also not big-hearted, meaning they do not believe in generosity.

But, most importantly, fear of God is missing. In my view, most people think that God can be taken for granted and that they will not be punished for their wrong deeds.

But what is the source of this evil?

The source of this evil is the people themselves. They do not see the bigger picture.

Many people blame Islamic rule and British colonization as the reason for the scarcity of resources in India. But, because many people were ready to sell the country and did not care for fellow citizens, this reality happened.

What is the solution?

The solution is to categorize scams under the category of heinous crimes and to award proportional punishment to the perpetrators of these crimes.

Scams should be categorized as such because many people lose their life savings when they fall for this trap.

The other solution is to imbibe moral values in people when they are young. They must be taught that integrity is far greater than greed.

According to Wikipedia's data for 2020, India only has 145 police personnel per 100,000 population. Compare that to the USA, which has 243 according to the 2019 data. So, this area also needs improvement in India.

Fast-track courts dealing with fraud must be set up with many judges to ensure speedy trial and prompt justice.

When India is recognized as a country of hard-working and honest people, its reputation will grow tremendously, and its image will be sky-high.

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Jamie Larson