Why it isn't easy to grow your brand in the online world.

Success is largely a result of hard/smart work and a lot of luck.

Several people build wealth in the real world, and many also create it in the online world.

However, the principles of becoming successful online differ from those in the real world.

In the real world, skills such as people-to-people contact and intelligence trump other factors.

The case is different in the online world.

Democratization is missing in the online world due to the dominance of algorithms.

The algorithm of different search engines and social media platforms determines which content should be placed at the top and which at the bottom.

The content creators are at the mercy of these algorithms.

There is no voting to determine how these algorithms must make decisions.

This also means that average content can defeat content crafted with a lot of intelligence.

To win the online game, it is essential to understand how these algorithms make decisions and mold the content to gain the favor of these algorithms.

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Jamie Larson