What happened to Daniel after he was released from captivity?

Daniel was one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament. He was a prophet and advisor to the Babylonian and Persian kings during his captivity. However, after he was released from captivity, what happened to him?

After the Babylonian Empire fell to the Persian Empire, Daniel continued to serve as an advisor to the new Persian king, Darius the Mede. Daniel's wisdom and faithfulness were well-known, and he quickly gained the trust and respect of the king.

One of the most well-known events in Daniel's life after his release from captivity is his encounter with the lions. According to the book of Daniel, jealous officials convinced King Darius to issue a decree that prohibited anyone from praying to any god or man except the king for thirty days. However, Daniel continued to pray to God as he had always done. As a result, he was thrown into a den of lions. But God protected him, and he emerged unscathed.

Daniel continued to serve as an advisor to King Darius and later to King Cyrus, who conquered Babylon and allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem. Daniel was an old man by this time, but he remained faithful to God and continued to serve as an advisor to the king.

It is not known exactly when or how Daniel died. The book of Daniel ends with a vision of the end times, but it does not provide any information about Daniel's death. Some scholars speculate that he may have died during the reign of Cyrus or shortly thereafter.

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Jamie Larson