Why It Is Difficult For Good People To Become Rich

Good people usually do not become rich as they are submissives mostly dominated by the alphas. Business is a cutthroat world ruled by ruthless people.

Deer is a docile animal but never the king of the jungle.

Capitalism itself is a dog-eat-dog world. The simple truth is that Good people cannot and, unfortunately, get exploited instead.

Fair-minded people cannot cut business costs as they are eager to pay fairly to their employees and not charge too much for their products or services.

Good people cannot build castles on the misery of others which is what big corporates do, especially the ones engaged in the business of arms.
In 2022 alone, the top five oil companies in Western countries made a profit of north of $130 billion profiting from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
The arms industry, too, would have made a big profit due to the weapon supplies. Ethics has never ruled the world of business.

Add to this the vicious nexus between big business houses and the politicians. Both of them serve each other’s agenda. Money buys power and vice versa.

This has happened throughout history as well. India, which was very welcoming of foreigners and still is to this date, got colonized by the Britishers and was exploited for more than two hundred years with her resources getting plundered.

Jesus Christ was benevolent and selfless but was crucified for speaking the truth. Hitler followed a philosopher (Nietzsche) who urged his readers to shun Christ and aim for the will to power and was able to mesmerize his audience. Hitler was worshipped like God by most Germans before 1945, when he committed suicide.

Both Christ and Hitler are the antitheses of each other. The former professed love but was crucified on the cross, while the other professed hatred for Jews but was loved by hordes of followers until he met his end.

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Jamie Larson