Why Gnosticism Is Untrue

This doctrine is in vogue and followed by the majority of Freemasons. The former president of the United States, George W Bush, is believed to be a member of Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret organization, one of the Freemasonry organizations.

The underlying belief of this religious doctrine is simple. It states that the world is created by an evil figure called the Demiurge, which they equate with the Abrahamic God, and emphasizes that a higher god sent Jesus to liberate humans from the evil grip of the Demiurge.

Many religious figures, including church members, have claimed that Gnosticism is a heresy doctrine against the tenets of Christianity.

In my view, Gnosticism is an erroneous doctrine. Jesus would never claim that the Demiurge is the Abrahamic God/YHWH, as it is clearly stated in the Bible that Jesus is his son. So the higher God is none other than the Abrahamic God himself. Moreover, God is full of love, as it takes a supreme act of love and compassion to sacrifice your son to absolve humanity of the original sin and to allow them to enter the gates of heaven. Satan’s role is more aligned with Demiurge's as Satan leads humankind astray and away from the Abrahamic God.

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Jamie Larson