Why as an Indian I think racism is ugly

Indians are generally obsessed with skin color.

In the matrimonial column in newspapers, various demands of a groom for a suitable bride are made.

One such demand is that the bride should be of fair complexion.

In other words, preponderance is given to skin color and this skin color should be more whitish.

She should be like white people without being white.

Or she should be an Indian but ought to be like a European.

Although beauty is subjective, the majority of white people do indeed look beautiful.

It would seem as if white people are bestowed with privilege and entitlement by God himself.

There could be no other reason as slavery has been associated with black people of African descent.

Black Africans still live under huge poverty, hunger and internal strife.

There is no comparison of Black Africans with white Europeans. There is a very big mismatch.

Even Indians of a darker complexion are still associated with menial jobs.

We cannot deny this. Although this is never said openly, this is the truth.

So why do I think that racism is ugly?

Let us take an example of a brown guy from India.

This guy can come into contact with people of different skin colors on his trip to the USA.

It's possible he would meet people of African descent, Chinese, and Jews as well as blue-eyed white men and women respectively.

This brown guy has a favorable attitude towards people of white complexion and not for people of darker complexion.

What this guy fails to realize is that in his social interactions, there is a huge chance that the Chinese and white European male would dislike him whereas the African and Jewish person would like him and vice versa.

Without conditions, the African and Jewish person has shown a favorable attitude towards the brown Indian guy whereas the Chinese and European person has rejected him.

There is an outright rejection involved here.

If still, this brown Indian guy showed an attitude of contempt towards the African and Jewish people and a friendly attitude towards the Europeans and Chinese, then there is only one word for him.

He is a flatterer and does not understand things on a deeper level.

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Jamie Larson