Crimes that should be hated by all good people

According to Hinduism, we are living in Kaliyuga or the age of darkness. Even the Bible states that Satan is the ruler of this world.

There are many definitions of crime in this world but there are certain crimes that I especially do not like because of their impact on destroying the lives of others.

Here are the crimes I do not like:

  1. Murder with a malicious intent
  2. Creating rackets to dupe people (cybercrime is included)
  3. Rape and gang rape where there is a clear-cut intention in rape.
  4. Loan sharking
  5. Gambling not authorized by the government
  6. Distributing drugs like cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and other potent drugs to harm people who are not prescribed by a doctor.
  7. Conspiracy to murder with a malicious intent
  8. Terrorism (neuro terrorism included)
  9. Fraud
  10. Kidnapping
  11. Cruelty toward other human beings which is not in retaliation
  12. Working for an enemy state against the interests of the citizens' country.

If the perpetrators of these crimes did not exist then I believe the world would be a blissful place to live in.

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Jamie Larson