Who was Noah's wife?

The biblical story of Noah and the Ark is well-known, but what about his wife? While she is not named in the Bible, there are some clues that we can piece together about this important figure.

Firstly, we know that Noah's wife was with him on the Ark, along with their three sons and their wives. She played a crucial role in the preservation of life during the great flood, helping to care for the animals and her family.

In the Book of Genesis, we are told that Noah and his family were chosen by God to build the Ark because of their righteousness in a world that had become corrupt. While we do not know her name, it is clear that Noah's wife shared in his faith and devotion to God.

Some scholars have suggested that Noah's wife may have been named Naamah, based on a reference in the Book of Jubilees, an ancient Jewish text. According to this account, Naamah was the daughter of Lamech, Noah's father, and was chosen by God to be Noah's wife because of her piety.

Others have speculated that Noah's wife may have been a descendant of Cain, based on a passage in Genesis that mentions Cain's offspring building cities. However, this theory is less widely accepted.

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Jamie Larson