What Andrew Tate Gets Wrong

Andrew Tate is a British-American Internet personality known for fame and controversial statements. He has had a significant impact on young men and boys who have impressionable minds.

Tate openly professes misogyny. He claims that women are inferior, belongs to the home, must be treated as enslaved people, and be exploited by alpha males. Tate emphasizes a lot on masculine qualities.

What Tate misses out on is that there are two energies in this world - masculine and feminine. Both are necessary for the proper functioning of this universe. Even men have feminine energy, and women have masculine energy. Trying to suppress feminine energy means creating an imbalance between these two energies. This wreaks havoc on the brain because of the obsession with domination. Men must acknowledge feminine energy, respecting women and their feminine power. Women, too, should respect men as this is not a one-way street.

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Jamie Larson