Meaning Of Education

The real meaning of education is twofold, in my view.

  1. Knowledge that helps you sustain your life, i.e., which helps you earn money in today's times
  2. Self-taught Knowledge

Education does not necessarily mean going to school or college. Real education is one in which a person is curious about his subject of interest. There is a constant craving to 'know more' about his interesting field.

A college education is not a sine qua non, as has been proved by many successful and wealthy individuals, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who are college dropouts.

Education would also mean getting civilized. For example: knowing the etiquette of talking and even dining etiquette. It would also include traffic etiquette, like not crossing the road when there is a red light or not spitting on the road.

Education also entails a feedback loop which is known as trial and error. It involves learning something, testing it in real life through mock examinations, and then arriving at a conclusion based on the feedback.

Finally, education means spreading knowledge of what you have learned and not keeping it to yourself. We must all become educated to reach the next level of human consciousness. In this world, we are all in it together.