Know Thyself

Conquering oneself is the most difficult task in the world. Knowing thyself means knowing one's strengths and weaknesses. It means knowing one's positive and negative habits. It also means knowing what makes you tick. If one practices this virtue, he will gain control of the outcomes of his life. Other people won't be able to take undue advantage of him. The entire schedule of days, weeks, and even months can be formed, suiting one's liking. Such people attract others like a magnet.

For example, if someone is a smoker and realizes that the trigger for this habit is his association with a certain friend, he can get rid of this habit by stopping the association with this friend. Another example would be anger. If someone is quick to anger and realizes that certain conversations provoke him to anger, then he can stop getting involved in such discussions. It could be politics or sports or anything else. Knowledge of this fact is power.