Why are the pyramids not mentioned by Abraham, Joseph, or Jesus even though the Bible says they all went to Egypt at some stage?

The pyramids of Egypt are among the most iconic and recognizable structures in the world. They were built thousands of years ago and continue to fascinate people to this day. However, despite the fact that the Bible mentions Egypt as a place that Abraham, Joseph, and Jesus all visited, there is no mention of the pyramids. This has led some people to wonder why this is the case.

One possible explanation is that the pyramids simply did not exist at the time when these biblical figures were said to have visited Egypt. While the pyramids are often associated with ancient Egypt, they were actually constructed during a relatively short period of time (roughly 2600-2500 BCE) and were not the only type of monumental architecture in the region. It is possible that the biblical figures visited Egypt during a time when other, less well-known structures were being built.

Another possibility is that the pyramids were simply not of great importance to the biblical writers. It is important to remember that the Bible is not a comprehensive historical record of the ancient world, but rather a collection of religious texts and stories. The focus of the Bible is on the spiritual and moral lessons that can be gleaned from these stories, rather than on providing a detailed account of historical events.

Finally, it is also possible that the pyramids were known to the biblical writers but were simply not deemed important enough to mention in the text. The Bible does mention other structures in Egypt, such as the Temple of Onias and the city of Heliopolis, but these are mentioned in specific contexts and for specific reasons.