Why AI cannot solve 100% of world's problems

The term AI or Artificial intelligence means intelligence that is not natural.

In this blog post, I argue why AI cannot solve 100% of the world's problems.

My first assertion is that AI lacks humaneness. Even sentience won't be able to make it actually feel and act like a human.

It is said to err is human. But, AI will be trained not to make a mistake.

This element of human mistake will be lacking from AI.

My second assertion is that AI poses a significant threat to humanity.

Not only will AI lead to the loss of jobs but there is a threat of human extinction.

The feature of machine learning in AI means that the AI can learn from its own experience and become more and more powerful.

A human mind can also learn from its own experience but cannot reach the heights of advancement that the AI is capable of.

My third assertion is that AI can help with information but cannot help a person to think.

If transhumanism is the future, then AI may be able to help an individual to think but that would tantamount to artificial thinking and not original thinking.

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Jamie Larson