Where did Jacob stay when he returned to Succoth?

In the book of Genesis, we read about Jacob's return to Succoth after his meeting with his brother, Esau. But where did he stay upon his return?

According to the Bible, Jacob had fled from his brother Esau years earlier after deceiving him out of his birthright. During his time away, Jacob had become wealthy and had acquired many possessions. However, upon his return to his homeland, he was still afraid of his brother's anger and didn't know what to expect.

When Jacob arrived in Succoth, he set up a temporary camp for himself and his family. This was likely a simple encampment consisting of tents and other makeshift structures. However, it wasn't a permanent solution, and Jacob knew that he needed a more stable place to call home.

Eventually, Jacob decided to purchase a piece of land in the nearby town of Shechem. He bought the land from the local ruler, Hamor, and built a house for himself and his family. This would become Jacob's permanent residence in the land of Canaan.

It's interesting to note that Jacob's decision to purchase land and build a house in Shechem was a significant statement of his commitment to his new life in Canaan. It showed that he was willing to invest in his future and that he was no longer afraid to put down roots in the land of his ancestors.

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Jamie Larson