What proof does Latter Day Saints have that God gave Joseph Smith The Book of Mormon or the golden plates?

The Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons, believe that Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon from God through an angel named Moroni. According to their beliefs, the Book of Mormon is a record of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and is considered a companion to the Bible. However, some people may question the authenticity of these claims and ask for proof that God gave Joseph Smith the Book of Mormon or the golden plates.

The proof that the Latter Day Saints have is primarily based on the testimony of Joseph Smith himself and his close associates. According to their accounts, Joseph Smith was visited by an angel named Moroni who revealed to him the existence of the golden plates, which contained the ancient record of the people of the Americas. Moroni instructed Joseph Smith to translate the plates into English and publish them as the Book of Mormon.

Joseph Smith’s account of this event is recorded in the introduction to the Book of Mormon, where he writes, “I was visited by the Lord and commanded to take the plates and translate them into English.” He also testified of this event in other writings and speeches throughout his life.

In addition to Joseph Smith’s testimony, there were also other witnesses who claimed to have seen the golden plates. The most well-known of these witnesses were the Three Witnesses and the Eight Witnesses. The Three Witnesses, Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris, claimed to have seen an angel who showed them the golden plates. The Eight Witnesses, who were mostly members of the Smith family, claimed to have seen and handled the plates themselves.

These testimonies are considered by the Latter Day Saints to be proof of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and the golden plates. They believe that the witnesses were honest and reliable individuals who had no reason to lie about their experiences.

Furthermore, the Book of Mormon itself is considered proof of its divine origin. The book contains a number of prophecies and teachings that the Latter Day Saints believe could not have been written by humans alone. They argue that the complexity and depth of the Book of Mormon’s teachings are evidence of its divine origin.

However, it is important to note that the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and the golden plates is a matter of faith and belief. While the testimony of Joseph Smith and the witnesses may be compelling to some, others may remain skeptical. The proof that the Latter Day Saints have is based on personal experiences and beliefs, and cannot be proven or disproven through scientific or historical means.