What Is The Difference Between Quran And The Bible

Religious scriptures don’t just hold value in themselves but also represent a much larger way of life. Similarly, differences between the Quran and the Bible represent the differences between the Christian and Islamic ways of life.

Studying religious scriptures and understanding the differences between the two religions can lead to a more dynamic and in-depth approach to analysis. As the Quran and the Bible explore many similar themes and events, understanding how they differ can help us with our understanding.

⦁ Compilation

There are notable differences between the compilation of both books. While the Quran is believed to have been revealed upon one prophet over 23 years through revelations, the Bible has several different points of origin.

The Bible has been compiled through lost originals over 13 centuries. Throughout this period, many authors have used their expertise to help compile the remarkable book. This has resulted in the Bible we see today.

⦁ Structure

Some other differences between the Quran and the Bible include the fact that there is only one version of the Quran but seven of the Bible. Moreover, the Quran has been referred to within the same scripture, while the Bible doesn’t mention anything about the Bible itself.

⦁ Religion

The Bible believes Jesus is the Son of God and has been given the authority to be His equal. It also states Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. This differs from the Quranic word, which states that Jesus is a prophet like many others who came before him.

Some other differences include the devil being a fallen angel in the Bible and a fallen Jinn in the Quran. Moreover, man is a fallen sinner in the Bible, for whom salvation is possible through grace, whereas man is inherently good in the Quran, for whom salvation is possible through actions.

These differences are an accurate example of how religious scriptures represent the beliefs of the people associated with them and set a great foundation for studying the Quran and the Bible.

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Jamie Larson