What Is A Spiritually Sensitive Person

A spiritually sensitive person is an individual who is aware of and in tune with their inner spiritual life, as well as with the spiritual realm around them. This person is someone who perceives the transcendent and seeks to connect with it.

A spiritually sensitive person often has a deep sense of faith and experiences a strong connection to a higher power or divine being. They tend to have a heightened awareness of their personal values, beliefs, and the supernatural forces that guide and influence their lives. They tend to be empathetic and compassionate, able to sense the spiritual needs of others and offer guidance and counsel when necessary.

These individuals often have a profound respect for the sacred, and they tend to prioritize spiritual growth, mysticism, and meditation as a means of further developing their relationships with the divine. They may be drawn to spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, contemplation, and fasting in order to deepen their spiritual experiences.

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Jamie Larson