What did Jesus ask Peter after having their breakfast?

In the Gospel of John, there is a famous story in which Jesus appears to his disciples after his resurrection and asks Peter a question that has become a symbol of Christian faith and discipleship.

The story takes place after Jesus has been crucified and resurrected, and the disciples are fishing on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus appears to them on the shore and invites them to have breakfast with him. After they have finished eating, Jesus turns to Peter and asks him a question: "Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?"

Peter responds by saying, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." Jesus then responds by saying, "Feed my lambs." Jesus asks Peter this question two more times, with Peter giving the same answer each time. Each time Jesus responds by telling Peter to "feed my sheep" or "take care of my sheep."

This exchange between Jesus and Peter is often seen as a symbol of Christian discipleship and the responsibility that comes with following Jesus. The three-fold repetition of the question and Peter's response is often interpreted as a reminder of the importance of faith and commitment, and of the responsibility that Christians have to care for one another and for the world.

The phrase "feed my sheep" has become a common Christian expression, used to describe the responsibility that Christians have to care for and serve others. It is a reminder that following Jesus means more than simply believing in him; it means actively living out his teachings and serving others.

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Jamie Larson