What could Lucifer have possibly said to trick 1/3 of the Angels to rebel without fear of consequence?

The story of Lucifer's rebellion and fall from grace is one of the most intriguing and mysterious passages in the Bible. According to the Bible, Lucifer was a high-ranking angel who rebelled against God and convinced one-third of the angels to join him. The question of what Lucifer could have possibly said to deceive so many angels without fear of consequence is a fascinating one, and there are several theories as to what may have happened.

One possible explanation is that Lucifer was able to exploit the angels' free will by appealing to their pride and desire for power. He may have convinced them that they deserved a greater role in the universe and should not be subservient to God. By promising them more power and autonomy, he was able to persuade them to join his rebellion.

Another theory is that Lucifer was able to exploit the angels' limited understanding of God's plan and purposes. He may have convinced them that God was unjust or that his plan was flawed, and that they should rebel against him to bring about a better world. By casting doubt on God's wisdom and goodness, he was able to sow seeds of rebellion and discontent among the angels.

It's also possible that Lucifer was able to deceive the angels through his charisma and charm. The Bible describes him as a beautiful and intelligent angel, and he may have been able to use his charm and persuasive abilities to win over the hearts and minds of the other angels.

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Jamie Larson