What Are The Three Main Views Of The Millennium

The three main views of the millennium, as commonly discussed in Christian eschatology, are:

  1. Premillennialism: This view holds that Christ will return to Earth before the millennium, which is a literal period of one thousand years. During this time, Christ will rule over the world from Jerusalem, and believers will reign with Him. This view also holds that there will be a period of great tribulation before Christ's return.
  2. Postmillennialism: This view holds that the Church will progressively transform the world, bringing about peace and justice, and eventually ushering in the millennium. Christ will return at the end of the millennium to judge the living and the dead.
  3. Amillennialism: This view holds that the millennium is symbolic of the Church Age, which began with Christ's first coming and will end with His second coming. Christ will return to judge the living and the dead; there is no literal millennium.

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Jamie Larson