Mental Pleasure vs Sexual Pleasure

In Hinduism, the chakra associated with the mind is the 7th chakra whereas the sexual chakra is the second chakra.

In the Occult practices, 7 is the number associated with God and perfection whereas 2 is the number associated with man, sex, and evil.

There is a reason sexual desires are called base desires and not higher desires.

Number 7 > Number 2

Mental pleasures would be those derived from reading books and sharing thoughts or even writing what one thinks.

Consider this: sex is associated with exchanging bodily fluids and these bodily fluids are not pure in the religious context.

This does not mean that one should not engage in sexual activities. Sexual desires are the reality of our lives and are required for procreation.

However, it's better to be obsessed with the pleasures derived from mental activities in comparison to sexual activities.

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Jamie Larson