How to be a successful person today?

Success can be defined in different measures for different people.

Some people would like to succeed in the health arena whereas others in the financial arena.

Each person has his own taste.

What does it take to be successful today and become proud of one's achievements?

In my view, success can be achieved by following the theory of proximity.

The more a person is in proximity to what he desires, the more his chances of achieving what he wants.

Consider this: Wall Street bankers are closer to money and hence wealthy.

It is their proximity to the flow of money that makes them successful financially.

Powerful businessmen are in proximity to the leaders of the state and this rubs off and hence they become more and more wealthy and powerful themselves.

The problems of this world can be solved if poor people get into proximity with the flow of money.

It's the social network of a person that defines his chances of succeeding in his chosen realm.

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Jamie Larson