What is the reality of our world today

The movie 'The Godfather' portrays a reality that is driven by betrayal, selfishness, crime, and one-upmanship.

So, how does the world function today?

In today's world, there is a cutthroat competition.

This applies to business as well as the dating culture.

Also, people are continuously judging others in their minds.

This leads to those who can't live up to the harsh reality of our world lag behind others.

Although there is no literal labeling of classes, the world is indeed divided into many classes such as the affluent, the middle class, the poor, and the very poor.

There is a burning desire within the people of these classes to move up the ladder and leave members of their own class behind.

The ordinary person only wishes to become like the successful and the rich and thinks that by being associated with such people, their wealth would somehow rub off.

Such is the grim reality of our world.

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Jamie Larson