Facts of life that one should be aware of

In this blog post, I mention some life facts I have experienced as a 33-year-old.

First, we are all losers in the game of life.

This is because death is the greatest truth of human existence.

Everyone has to die. And this means we all lose our loved ones and, ultimately, the self during our lifetime.

The second fact is that the world is based on the principle of exploitation.

This exploitation can be noticed in the animal world, where a docile animal like the deer must fight for its survival daily.

Human beings also exploit animals for their food. The question is not whether this is right or wrong but whether this is the reality.

The third fact is that human relations are increasingly becoming transactional.

Money is the ruler of our dark age.

The fourth fact is that hatred and jealousy trump love.

Jesus was humble and lovable, but hatred and jealousy of others were responsible for his demise.

The fifth fact is that one cannot freeze good time.

Even if one is experiencing the heights of success, tragedy can meet him at any time. He cannot freeze the moments of his victory, so he should be humble.

The sixth fact is that it is not happiness that is the most significant contributing factor to the maturity of an individual but sorrow.

Sorrow can turn an average person into the greatest of philosophers.