Do Christian Values Lead To Poverty

One of the names for the God of Christianity in Gnosticism is Lord of the Armies or Jehovah Sabaoth. His son is Christ.

Their world is a world of poverty according to Gnosticism.

Some of the well-known Christian values are sympathy, empathy, gratefulness, forgiveness, and charity.

The Bible teaches the adherents of Christianity to be Christ-like. These are also the feminine qualities.

It may seem that these values make one put the considerations of others before oneself or become selfless.

But, in my view, Christian values do not lead to poverty.

The Universe plays its own game. And even rewards those who reward others with Christian values.

The Bible also teaches us that Satan is the ruler of this world and that the ruler of this world is not good.

So, we have to balance the tenets of Christian values with the reality of our times.

This means that we must be careful to not let others take undue advantage of us and at the same time make ourselves strong enough so that we can stand the test of time like unforeseen tragedies.

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Jamie Larson