Did feminists start the trend of bashing the Bible?

It is true that some feminist thinkers and activists have been critical of certain aspects of the Bible, particularly those that they perceive as promoting patriarchal and oppressive attitudes towards women. For example, some feminists have pointed to passages in the Bible that seem to condone or even endorse practices such as the subordination of women to men, the ownership of women as property, and the demonization of female sexuality.

However, it is important to note that not all feminists share this view of the Bible, and that many feminist theologians and scholars have sought to reinterpret and reclaim the Bible in ways that are more inclusive and empowering for women. These scholars argue that the Bible contains many stories and teachings that can be read as promoting equality, compassion, and social justice, and that it is possible to read the Bible in ways that challenge and subvert patriarchal norms.

Moreover, it is not just feminists who have been critical of the Bible throughout history. Many other groups and individuals, including religious reformers, humanists, and secular critics, have also questioned the authority and validity of the Bible for a variety of reasons. Some have criticized the Bible for its historical inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and contradictions, while others have argued that it promotes intolerance, violence, and prejudice against marginalized groups.