Christian Woman Fatally Attacked By Relatives In India

A Christian woman named Bindu Sodi was killed by her uncle, Chetu Sodi, and his son over a property dispute.

According to sources, Chetu Sodi refused to acknowledge the ancestral rights of Bindu Sodi over a land parcel as he stated that after converting to Christianity, Bindu Sodi had relinquished her rights.

Chetu Sodi and his son repeatedly assaulted Bindu Sodi with Stones and Axe.

According to Pastor Telam, she was the first person from the Toylanka village (Dantewada district, Chhattisgarh) to accept Christ.

“It is because of her evangelism that eight more families in that village came to Christ,” - Pastor Telam

Police have arrested Chetu Sodi, and an FIR has been filed against him and his son.

According to USCIRF, India is a 'country of particular concern' for religious freedom.

There are many instances of religious violence in India particularly against minorities such as Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims.

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Jamie Larson