Can you explain why, in the Bible, God is invisible and intangible?

In the Bible, God is often described as being invisible and intangible. This can be a difficult concept for many people to understand, as we are accustomed to thinking of God as a physical entity that we can see and touch.

One of the primary reasons that God is described as being invisible and intangible in the Bible is that he is seen as a spiritual being that exists outside of the physical realm. This means that he cannot be perceived through our physical senses, but must be apprehended through our spiritual faculties.

Another reason that God is described as being invisible and intangible is that he is seen as being beyond our human comprehension. The Bible often speaks of God's ways as being higher than our ways, and his thoughts as being beyond our thoughts. This means that we cannot fully understand or comprehend God, and that he is ultimately a mystery that we can only approach through faith and prayer.

Finally, the invisibility and intangibility of God serves to remind us that God is not just a physical entity, but is a spiritual force that permeates all of creation. This means that he is present in all things, and that we can experience his presence and influence in our lives even if we cannot see or touch him.

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Jamie Larson