As you read through the Joseph narrative, do you see any growth in the character of Joseph?

As you read through the Joseph narrative in the book of Genesis, it's easy to see that Joseph undergoes a significant amount of growth as a character. Initially, he is portrayed as an arrogant and boastful young man who is favored by his father over his other brothers. This favoritism causes his siblings to become jealous of him and leads to his eventual betrayal and enslavement in Egypt.

Despite these setbacks, Joseph does not give up hope or succumb to despair. Instead, he remains steadfast in his faith and works hard to prove his worth to his captors. He is eventually promoted to a position of power and authority in Pharaoh's court, where he uses his newfound influence to help his family and his people.

Throughout the narrative, Joseph shows tremendous growth as a character. He learns humility, forgiveness, and patience, and he gains a deeper understanding of the importance of family and community. He also learns to put his own needs and desires aside in order to serve others and fulfill his God-given purpose.

The Joseph narrative is a powerful story of growth and transformation. It shows us that even when we face difficult circumstances and setbacks, we can still find hope and purpose by trusting in God and working hard to fulfill our calling.

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Jamie Larson