An innovative idea to solve the problem of underutilization of global talent

Access to capital for talented people is needed.

Many talented people cannot become wealthy because they need access to the required capital to give them an initial breakthrough.

In this blog post, I argue for the need to fund human capital.

Human capital can be funded through human capital contracts.

Human capital is an intangible asset and human capital contracts require the beneficiary to commit future earnings.

This is akin to funding new startups, but unhoned talent will be supported in this case.

Such contracts may be in force for a certain period, such as ten or twenty years or even a lifetime, depending upon the terms of the contract.

For example, a 25-year-old musician in an African country can secure a capital of, let's say, 100,000 USD from an investor in the USA in exchange for 10% of his future earnings for 20 years.

Open bidding through a platform may also be invited to secure the best contract terms for maximum benefit.

This will also help the investors in reaping rich rewards if their risk pays off.

This may give rise to sharks who may take advantage of vast human capital spanning multiple countries, but the world may also become more equitable.

The legal implication of this contract is something that needs a careful analysis.

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Jamie Larson