About Social Media Platforms

Social media caters to very low-quality people.

It's a platform for a massive number of trolls (if they don't like the content) or those displaying servile attitudes toward their favorite influencers (who they treat as gods)

There is little room for intelligent conversations on social media platforms.
People are dumbed down to the last denominator of useless and stupid information.

Algorithms control social media. These algorithms can make a person feel depressed, sad, happy, jealous, unworthy, and so on, depending upon the person accessing the platform.

These algorithms decide who wins in the social media world and who loses. It's all about the attention economy; usually, intelligent content does not win. Surprisingly, these algorithms are not controlled by the people. They are controlled by the big corporations who want to make as much profit as possible.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, one cannot succeed in social media platforms if the algorithms do not favor him.

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Jamie Larson