Xi's Vision for China's New World Order: Implications for Human Rights and Security

New World Order is a term that essentially means a new order for a new age, aka the 21st century.

China's Xi Jinping is becoming increasingly assertive in challenging the USA's dominant position in the current world order.

'Dare to fight' - Xi Jinping.

As China is becoming more powerful due to its robust economic growth compared to the USA, it sees itself at the helm of the new world order by toppling the USA's dominant position.

China has been slowly making all the right moves.

By being a founding member of organizations such as the BRICS and SCO, China has been slowly consolidating its position as the new superpower at the helm of global affairs.

But, many are worried that China's increasing clout is also a concern for human rights.

According to the HRMI Rights Tracker, China has an empowerment score of 1.9 meaning that China scores very low on civil liberties and political freedoms.

A new order led by China would mean the propagation of the Chinese way of leadership and one of these ways is suppression of human rights.

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Jamie Larson