Who saved Jeremiah from the cistern?

The prophet Jeremiah is known for his unwavering commitment to God and his prophetic ministry, even in the face of great persecution and opposition. One of the most striking stories in the book of Jeremiah is his confinement in a cistern, where he was left to die. In this blog post, we will explore who saved Jeremiah from the cistern.

According to the book of Jeremiah, the prophet was thrown into a cistern by his enemies, who opposed his message of judgment and repentance. The cistern was deep and filled with mud, and Jeremiah sank down into the mire. His enemies left him there to die, seemingly triumphant in their efforts to silence his prophetic voice.

However, the story does not end there. In Jeremiah 38:7-13, we read that a man named Ebed-Melech, an Ethiopian eunuch who served in the king's palace, heard about Jeremiah's confinement and was moved with compassion. He went to the king and pleaded with him to rescue Jeremiah from the cistern. The king granted his request, and Ebed-Melech went to the cistern with a group of men. He took some old rags and ropes and lowered them into the cistern, telling Jeremiah to put the rags under his armpits and the ropes under his arms. The men then lifted Jeremiah out of the cistern and brought him to safety.

Ebed-Melech's rescue of Jeremiah is a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion, courage, and faithfulness in the face of adversity. Despite the risks and challenges, Ebed-Melech was willing to risk his own life to save Jeremiah from the cistern. He demonstrated a deep compassion for the prophet, recognizing the injustice of his imprisonment and the importance of his message. He also showed great courage in defying the king's orders and risking his own life to rescue Jeremiah. And he exhibited faithfulness to God by honoring the prophet's prophetic ministry and seeking to do what was right in the eyes of the Lord.

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Jamie Larson