What lesson in parental correction is provided at Isaiah 28:26-29?

Parental correction is an important part of raising children, and The Bible offers many lessons on how to do it effectively. One such lesson can be found in Isaiah 28:26-29, which compares the process of farming to the process of parental correction.

In this passage, the prophet Isaiah speaks of the importance of using the right tools and techniques when farming. He notes that a farmer doesn't use the same tool for every task, but instead chooses the right tool for the job at hand. This requires knowledge and skill, as well as patience and perseverance.

Isaiah then applies this lesson to parental correction. He notes that parents should also use the right tools and techniques when correcting their children. This means taking into account the individual needs and abilities of the child, and choosing the method of correction that will be most effective.

Isaiah goes on to say that parental correction should not be done in anger or frustration, but with patience and love. He notes that just as a farmer must wait for his crops to grow and mature, parents must also be patient and wait for their children to learn and grow.

Finally, Isaiah emphasizes the importance of teaching children to make good choices on their own. He notes that just as a farmer must teach his workers how to use the tools of the trade, parents must also teach their children how to make good decisions and live a virtuous life.

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Jamie Larson