What Is The Deuteronomic history

Deuteronomic history is a modern literary concept which states that a single literary work gave way to the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings.

This theory was developed by Martin Noth, who noted similarities in language, style, and content among these biblical books.

Deuteronomic history is conceived as a covenant between the Israelites and God, who has chosen the Israelites as his people and requires them to live according to his law.

A single literary work, as understood by Noth, explains that the fall of the Kingdom of Israel around 720 BCE resulted from the Jewish people's repudiation of this covenant.

Jeremiah 11:10-11 states that the covenant between God and the Israelites has been repudiated.

However, it is widely believed by the Jewish people and supporters of their faith that God is once more blessing the Jews today. Through God's blessings, they were able to reestablish the Israeli state in the Middle East region.

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Jamie Larson