My thoughts on the Israel-Hamas conflict

Dear readers,

The Israel-Hamas conflict started on 7th October 2023 with Hamas firing 5000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel in 20 minutes and subsequently taking many Israelis hostages after infiltration into the Israeli territory.

Here are my thoughts about this conflict:

  1. This is an act of terrorism.
  2. The Hamas is a military organization of Palestine.
  3. The Palestinians want the status quo to revert to pre-1967 war
  4. The Muslims are followers of Ishmael whereas the Jewish people are followers of Isaac. So, there is an enmity between the followers of two real brothers who are the children of Abraham.
  5. Judaism was formed before Islam.
  6. Muslims believe that Islam was created because Allah repudiated his covenant with the Jews in favor of the Muslims
  7. Jews have been a hated and envied community since last many centuries.
  8. Jews also happen to be the most persecuted community.
  9. The Jewish community is exclusive and there is no proselytization.
  10. The Jewish community is wealthy and successful which proves that they are blessed.
  11. The Arabs have many countries which are purely Islamist whereas the Jews do not have even one country which can be called Jewish.

Taking into consideration the above points, I have to empathize and side with the Israelis in this conflict.

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Jamie Larson