Money And Power

In modern times, money is equal to power. This is a very simple equation. Now, the question is to who this money should be given. Should it be given to the people who are not contributing anything to bring human consciousness to the next level, or should it be given to deserving, talented people who want to change this world and make it a utopia? Any thinking individual will come to the latter conclusion.

Right now, power and money are in the hands of the evil axis of big business houses and politicians. To change this reality, we must choose honest, hard-working people as our representatives and promote small entrepreneurs with great visions. Any politician professing war is a puppet of big corporations—war results in misery. To create a better world, violence needs to be done away with. For this, we need to value human life. Each human life is valuable. Only the wicked choose death for innocent humans, which include women, children and the oppressed.

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Jamie Larson