How to gain power and influence in the modern world?

In today's world, the amount of capital a person has dictates how much influence he has over others.

But the opposite is also true. The amount of influence and power a person has also translates to how much capital he has.

The most important question is how to become influential.

One can become influential by following the principle of proximity.

Proximity is defined as nearness or closeness.

Bankers are in proximity to the flow of money. Hence, they are usually more affluent than the average person.

Bureaucrats are in proximity to the politicians. Hence, they are powerful.

CEOs of big businesses are in proximity to the top management. Hence, they are among the most influential people on the planet.

The list is endless.

If a common man aspires to become influential, he must figure out a way to benefit people who have already made it big.

Then, this influence can be used to help people in need, such as the oppressed and downtrodden. This way, one can become an instrument of God.

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Jamie Larson