How the USA can increase it's sphere of influence in the 21st century

As the world order changes rapidly, the USA's hegemony is being challenged, and the world is moving towards multipolarity.

Countries like China, India, Saudi Arabia and Russia have created a multi-polar world.

The balance of power is shifting towards Asia. This was not the case in the 20th century, which witnessed the tussle between two superpowers, namely the USA and USSR (a Eurasian power), in which the USA triumphed.

The USA can increase its sphere of influence by expanding its soft power to other continents like Africa and Asia.

Soft power differs from hard power because it is more subtle and indirect.

Some examples of the USA's soft power are Hollywood, its music industry, and liberal values such as the right to freedom of speech, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

The English language is also included in the USA's soft power along with commonwealth countries like the UK and Australia.

By encouraging the use of the English language and promoting other elements of soft power, the USA's image will be perceived more favorably in Asian and African regions.

With this influence, the USA will also be able to gain financially.

Information is a vital currency, so through the propagation of information in the English language, the USA will win the information warfare.

Democracy also suits the USA's interests. So, any step that increases the possibility of change in government from authoritarianism to democracy will benefit the USA.

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Jamie Larson