How can the 144,000, mentioned in Revelation 7 be literal when the pure bloodlines don't exist anymore?

The Book of Revelation is one of the most intriguing and mysterious books in the Bible. In chapter 7, we find a reference to the 144,000, who are described as being sealed with the seal of the living God. Many interpret this passage to mean that these 144,000 are a literal number of people who will be chosen by God in the end times.

Those who believe in a literal interpretation of the 144,000 often argue that these individuals will be chosen based on their Jewish heritage. However, this raises a number of questions. For example, how can we be sure that these individuals will have pure Jewish bloodlines? After centuries of intermarriage and migration, it seems unlikely that any such bloodlines would still exist. Furthermore, the idea that God would choose individuals based on their race or bloodline is controversial and goes against the idea of God's universal love and acceptance.

So if the pure bloodlines don't exist anymore, how can we understand the meaning of the 144,000 in Revelation 7? One possible interpretation is that the number 144,000 is symbolic rather than literal. This interpretation suggests that the 144,000 represent a large, but finite, number of people who will be saved in the end times. This view allows for the possibility that the 144,000 may include individuals from all races and backgrounds, rather than just those with Jewish heritage.

Another possible interpretation is that the 144,000 represent a select group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving God. These individuals may be chosen based on their faith and devotion rather than their race or bloodline. This view emphasizes the importance of spiritual rather than physical purity and suggests that the 144,000 may be a diverse group of individuals who share a common commitment to God.

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Jamie Larson