Can blogging help in making money?

The advent of artificial intelligence has rendered many jobs obsolete.

But, artificial intelligence has not tinkered with the way how one thinks.

If a person is well versed in a language and has a decent command over vocabulary, then blogging can be a very lucrative option as a career.

Through keyword research software such as Semrush and a little creativity in writing blog posts, very good revenue can be generated.

Consider blogs such as the Huffington post which generates hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Although such blogs now operate as a company, they started with a one-person team.

There is a warning however before one venture into the profession of a blogger.

Nowadays there are multitudes of content mills that generate hundreds of articles per day through the use of artificial intelligence.

In my view, google disapproves of such practices and the chances of ranking such blog posts in the search engines are very slim.

Search engines look for original articles even if they are lacking in length.

With patience and consistency, blogging can reap rich rewards.

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Jamie Larson